Mum creates window seat for under £30 using old pallet and cot mattress

Looking for somewhere to sit and watch the world go by whil in lockdown?

Well one mum has managed to create an amazing window seat for just £30 using a pallet and a cot mattress.

Courtney Gallears, 27, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, spent just £29 on the whole project.

The hairdresser shared the results on the DIY On A Budget Facebook page.

She started by cutting the wood into small strips, before securing them in front of the wall and creating a platform ridge around the edge of the wall.

She then added more wood on top as a lid, which can be lifted off so the seat can be used as storage.

For the padding on top, she used a cot mattress and added some cushions.

She painted the whole thing cream to complete the look.

Courtney said: ‘The window seat is complete! This cost me £30 for a cot mattress and the paint!’

People loved the idea and praised the finished look. The post had over 19,000 likes.

One person said: ‘I’d love a window seat perfect for a book nook.’

Another added: ‘That’s really clever !! Well done, looks fab.’

‘I’d love this in my house,’ someone else said.

She’s not the only one who has completed a thrifty DIY project in lockdown.

One woman transformed her garden path with a £29 stencil, while a couple transformed their messy cupboard into a dream laundry room.

Pallet transformations are particularly popular – one mum created a mud kitchen for £10 and a couple made an outdoor sofa and playhouse for just £45 using the leftover wood.